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Al Salehi Contracting Company

Al Salehi Contracting Company is one of the largest development construction company in United Arab Emirates operating in Sharjah and Dubai.
The company was found in 1975 by Mr. Ibrahim Salehi. The company has been classified as first class of building contracting activities. Ever since the company were found in 1975, the founders were determined to provide the best possible level of technical services in the contracting field. Subsequently, Al Salehi Contracting Company went at full speed ahead for the previous years to provide distinct and continuous services. Over the years, Al Salehi Cont. Co. has completed more than 300 projects in Dubai and Sharjah.

The company is currently not very active and focuses mainly on developing project for the owner Mr Ibrahim Salehi

Real Estate Development by Mr. Ibrahim Salehi (Personally)

Mr Ibrahim Salhi has always believed in focusing on developing his own projects rather than grow as a contractor. Real Estate development in the UAE has seen continuous growth over 40 years. His experience in the sector and his conservative approach has ensured a long and continuous success even in the worst times of financial crises.
Most developments up till year 2000 where based in the emirates of Sharjah. He has retained a portfolio of 35 properties consisting of residential, commercial and industrial buildings which are managed the company all belonging to Mr Ibrahim Salehi and our development partner from Kuwait Mr. Ibrahim Al Jerawi.
In 2002, after EMAAR had launched its freehold projects, Mr Salehi has acquired 2 plots in Dubai Marina and got busy developing them over the past years. Below is a summary of the latest developments: