Al Salehi Contracting is a privately held company that was founded in 1975 in the UAE by Mr. Ibrahim Salehi, who led the company into continuance success and growth.

The company’s main office is located in Sharjah, Corniche St, with another branch located in Dubai and many employees who consist of a panel of industry experts, engineers and consultants, working together to insure that the best level of service is being provided.

The company started its activities in small and medium sized contracting projects which grew in time into larger projects. With time, Mr. Ibrahim Salhi quickly understood that becoming a developer in a fastly growing country like the UAE is the right thing to do and started funneling all the contracting profits into buying lands and developing them for rental income and for selling them later and has enjoyed over 30 years of rising rental income and capital appreciation and has accumulated a large portfolio of very well positioned assets and the company is now managing the personal properties of Mr. Ibrahim Salehi and his partner Mr. Ibrahim Al  Jerawi in Dubai and Sharjah only, soon after that, the company’s activities expanded to include projects in other countries around the world.

Throughout the years, Al Salehi has been delivering one of the best services in property investment, property management, maintenance, real estate development and contracting. Utilizing more than 15 years of in-field experience and the latest technology advancements, Al Salehi continues to provide its clients with the optimal real estate solutions they need.