• Property Investment
    Al Salehi provides a full range of real estate investment services, which include planning, evaluation of lands and facilities, buying and reselling services. In addition to that, the team conducts the necessary marketing studies to choose the right geographical locations for each investment.

    Our qualified team of engineers, consultants and financial experts study all investment opportunities to ensure the greatest possible value for investment returns and cash flows, taking into account the individual requirements of each investor and property owner.

    In the past decades, we have established our name as a pioneer company in real estate investment with a track record of more than 200 investment projects in Dubai and Sharjah. The company is also looking to expand their property investment activities to the United States.

  • Property Development
    Our property development services include contracting, consultations, construction and design for all type of industrial, residential and commercial properties.

    In the past years, we have developed several high end projects, including Marina Byblos Hotel, and Palm Byblos Hotel, two five star hotels located in Dubai Marina and Deira Palm.

  • Property Management
    We offer our customers property management services with more than 15 years of experience in managing large portfolios, and utilizing the latest information technology advances to deliver the optimal services and solutions.

    Our property management services include all the activities related to developing the right strategies, making the best managerial decisions concerning maintenance operations and leasing.

    We have a track record success in managing private property portfolio, owned by Mr Ibrahim Salehi and many other property owners from Kuwait, Lebanon and other countries. Our property management portfolio consists of more than 35 properties with 3000 residential, commercial and industrial units.

  • Maintenance
    We perform in-house maintenance services for 3000 rental units by a team of over 85 specialized plumbers, electricians and other industry experts, supervised by our onsite Engineer. Our team responds to daily maintenance orders from our tenants and provides the best possible maintenance services.